Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Solo trip: What is in my mind?

This is the intro for my solo trip. I try to make it as short as possible and interesting because I know it can be very boring to read long and 'empty' story.

The original destination for the solo trip is not UK. It is supposed to be Australia. That time in January 2015, I felt like going somewhere oversea for a vacation and coincidentally MAS was doing a promo. I have a cousin who is studying in Newcastle, Australia. I asked her if she will be free in August 2015 and she said her semester will open in August so there is no way that she will  ponteng class. Why August? Because I want to make it as a new journey of my 3 series life (poyo la kan!). 

Then my BIL suggested to go UK since I have few cousins there. Even after I got confirmation from my eldest cousin sister who is in Bristol that she will come back for good after August 2015 and it is okay for me to stay at her house, I still felt unsure either to proceed with my plan or not..the currency is expensive, it is not a country that I has in mind to go for a vacation, somewhere I am not familiar and I will be ALONE (i repeat...ALONE,.. SENDIRI...SORANG2). Before i purchase the flight ticket I asked permission from umi. When she said 'pergilah.' I was so happy (menari2 dalam hati). Seriously Umi boleh lepaskan the only anak dara dia yang tak kahwin lagi untuk mengembara sendiri??   

During the time I want to purchase the ticket, I still felt unsure (again!) because I need to choose between going to UK or Egypt. I somehow promise (ehem..) my youngest brother to attend his convocation which usually happen in October if he passed all his papers. Comparatively the flight ticket to Egypt was cheaper by RM500. Contemplating? Yes of course. But since my brother can't promise me to pass his exam this year and October is a busy month for me so I decided to purchase flight to UK. I cannot afford to go both.

So, yeah. That is how it happened.

Excited because naik A380 yang dua tingkat tu and yeay I am going to UK!!! A place that I berangan to go nak study :)

p/s: Another reason what made me go to UK is because I got to know that a friend of mine is going there in February 2015. 

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