Sunday, February 19, 2012

My blog fulls with dust!

Assalam readers.

It has been more than 4 months i have not update a single thing in my blog. Time constrain perhaps?or just lazy to type and search for an idea. By the way, my dear friend who is staying in Montreal, Canada, asked me to update my blog because she wants to know updates about her friends. Sorry dear, it took me a month for me to update.

Btw, before i started to write this post, I deleted few posts due to personal reason (one reason only) and I realised that I had drafted few posts as many as I posted (owh..great. It actually shows that I tried to write but I just couldn't find the right words).

Oh, yeah. Probably I won't write much about my personal life anymore (no more emotional post coz it might makes a person thinks that I am writing about him). I'm thinking to write more about current issues. And also no more personal pic and the pic that I posted might be deleted in future.

Owh yeah! I added DISCLAIMER to my blog and it's encourage for you to understand to avoid any misunderstanding.

"All good on my blog is from Allah SWT & any shortcomings are my own. May Allah forgive me for any mistakes I make"