Saturday, March 16, 2013


Alhamdulillah. It is all I can say when I got to know my friend starts wearing hijab. From my experiences, they had the intention long before they wearing it and I am glad that they made up their mind to wear hijab permanently. I admit, they look more beautiful. 

Maybe ada orang yg not wearing a hijab yet pikir 'I'm not good enough' or 'Ala, kalau pakai tudung tapi buat dosa juga, takde different pun'. Yes, it is true indeed. Berhijrah bukan senang especially if you are surrounded with community yang judgemental or suka cakap belakang or berkawan dengan orang yang memang tak pakai hijab. Tapi niat yang ikhlas yang baik akan dipermudahkan oleh Allah swt and honestly when you wear a hijab slowly and automatically you feel embarrassed to do all the benda yang tak elok sebab eventually you will feel that you are obligated to jaga your tatatertib and cara pemakaian. 

Family mainkan peranan penting. Give your spouse/ daughter encourage to wear it. Tak perlu nak perli2 sebab bila perli manusia akan sakit hati, bila sakit hati orang tak nak ikut. Buat rugi je. 

Honestly, when I started to wear I still wear short or 3/4 sleeves, selimpang tinggi, and ada time bila around rumah tak pakai pun. But as time past by, slowly I changed, lengan panjang, tak nak baju ketat or pendek, labuhkan tudung (tapi kadang2 terlepas jugak). I also try to control my words and perangai. 

So, tak perlulah nak pikir banyak sebab as a Muslimah we have to cover our aurah and kita masih boleh lagi berfesyen.

And yes, I feel safe when I am covered :) 

I really hope one day org yang saya sayang akan pakai hijab coz you are prettier when you wear it :)

Different Path


Pernah tak korang terfikir yang korang akan kerja lain dari apa yang korang tengah study dulu? Mestilah takkan. How about now? Ever thinking to change your career path? I never think doing something which is not related what I studied. Never cross my mind.

But after almost 5 years working, I changed my mind. I got a friend who has degree in Science Computer and now she's working at Real Estate unit, arranging branches, new properties of the company. No related education background to what she's doing right now. Of course there is no specific reason for a person to choose different path but it has related to do with minat and kecenderungan or just because that is the only job that being offered that so they just go with the flow.

Basically I think it depends dekat minat masing2. Degree is just a stepping stone sebab if you are not interested what your doing believe me you won't enjoy your working life (part of it). If everyday you feel nak muntah to repeat the job then get out of there. But my friend said if you want to change your career path do it while you are young. How young is young? Before 30 years old and jangan pulak pegi tukar keje which is totally different except you want to make your own business or run a family business. There are works that maybe you just a need a tiny small related experiences or education or senang nak belajar that you're interested in doing. 

Think about it again :)

P/S: I still love what I am doing and I have no intention to change my path yet.