Tuesday, September 8, 2015

I am blessed...Alhamdulillah

I wrote this few months back when people asked why I decided to do kenduri kesyukuran

Solo trip: What is in my mind?

This is the intro for my solo trip. I try to make it as short as possible and interesting because I know it can be very boring to read long and 'empty' story.

The original destination for the solo trip is not UK. It is supposed to be Australia. That time in January 2015, I felt like going somewhere oversea for a vacation and coincidentally MAS was doing a promo. I have a cousin who is studying in Newcastle, Australia. I asked her if she will be free in August 2015 and she said her semester will open in August so there is no way that she will  ponteng class. Why August? Because I want to make it as a new journey of my 3 series life (poyo la kan!). 

Then my BIL suggested to go UK since I have few cousins there. Even after I got confirmation from my eldest cousin sister who is in Bristol that she will come back for good after August 2015 and it is okay for me to stay at her house, I still felt unsure either to proceed with my plan or not..the currency is expensive, it is not a country that I has in mind to go for a vacation, somewhere I am not familiar and I will be ALONE (i repeat...ALONE,.. SENDIRI...SORANG2). Before i purchase the flight ticket I asked permission from umi. When she said 'pergilah.' I was so happy (menari2 dalam hati). Seriously Umi boleh lepaskan the only anak dara dia yang tak kahwin lagi untuk mengembara sendiri??   

During the time I want to purchase the ticket, I still felt unsure (again!) because I need to choose between going to UK or Egypt. I somehow promise (ehem..) my youngest brother to attend his convocation which usually happen in October if he passed all his papers. Comparatively the flight ticket to Egypt was cheaper by RM500. Contemplating? Yes of course. But since my brother can't promise me to pass his exam this year and October is a busy month for me so I decided to purchase flight to UK. I cannot afford to go both.

So, yeah. That is how it happened.

Excited because naik A380 yang dua tingkat tu and yeay I am going to UK!!! A place that I berangan to go nak study :)

p/s: Another reason what made me go to UK is because I got to know that a friend of mine is going there in February 2015. 

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Solo trip: not even a bit of the story

I am suppose to start writing about my trip to UK tonight. But until now I am still transferring pictures to my external hard disk. It will takes days by looking at the number of pictures that I took using my phone. This is all thanks to Capture app. I saved all pictures in the app and do not know how to transfer it to the pc (thanks to my not-so-intelligent-IT-apps-understanding too).

By the way, the write up about the trip also will take few days. I have to recall all the memories. But insha Allah, will make it happen (yeay!). Someone asking me to write it all so that he can copy my itinerary and I said he has to wait until next year (I hope not). I will force myself to make it done by this month. In fact, at least the story about my first ever solo trip will not be forgotten by myself right?

p/s: I have few overdue posts about what happened in year 2015. *sigh

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

When the quake hit Akinabalu

It was Friday morning, 5th June 2015...

I was at Hall 9, PICC listening to opening speech for ITS briefing from DOMS while my hand scrolling down the FB's timeline. My fingers stopped when i read the status of my friend at Facebook. Sabah was hit by earthquake, 5.9 scale ritcher at 7.15am. It hit Ranau and can be felt nearby areas.

First thing in my mind is how is my Tuaran friend? Is he and his family affected? I listened back to the briefing. However, once a while I checked on FB and Twitter to get more info. I tweeted to ask my friend's situation. All climbs are cancelled that morning. 100++ climbers stranded at the summit.

My heart broke! Ya Allah, dugaan apakah ini? Lawrance, Arnold, Jarod n another porter and mountain guide..our guide during our climbing during CNY, were they there at the summit? Are they safe?

Some might relate the earthquake with the uncivilised action by few climbers of being nude at the peak. Their actions has made the ancestors at the mountain aka Aki Nabalu angry for not being respected. For the Dusuns, the mountain is sacred.

One of the seven peaks at the mountain felt; the donkey's ears. The tremors has changed the surface. The trail will be different. Aki Nabalu will not be the same as the time i went there during CNY. Via ferrata might be just a dream to catch.

I feel sad for what had happened. Mount Kinabalu always has a special place in my heart. The experiences climbing it is one of the best experience in my life. The view, the mountain itself, the guides, the porters everything is so beautiful.

As i am writing this, the SAR (safety and rescue) team has found all the dead bodies. Most of them are school kids aged 12 from Singapore on their school trip. 4 are malim gunung aka mountain guide (2 Mountain Torq's are staffs and 2 are from Amazing Borneo's).  How the bodies are found are so..horrified (i don't know the right word to describe. Forgive me). They were the heroes to some until their last breaths. You can read more on the news in internet.

Again, i am so sad of what had happened. The porters will be jobless for three weeks due to the closure of the Kinabalu Park.i am not sure how long will the authorities stop the climbing activity. To the future climbers of Mount Kinabalu, please respect the mountain. Please obey to the instructions given by your guide. Though you are an outsider but please at least learn the culture and beliefs of the locals.

I can't imagine if i am one of the stranded climber. 9 hours up there without any foods and drinks with some rains. Thanks to the unsung heroes which is the mountain guides, they agreed to bring them down. They helped the climbers to ensure that they reach Timpohon Gate safely. Honestly, i am not surprise at all because i still remember how our mountain guide treated us during our climb. Very patient and very kind. Only Allah could repay them.

My colleague asked me, do I dare to climb the mountain again. I said yes while smiling. The earthquake will not change my plan to visit Mount Kinabalu again. But i know being there will not be the same as it used to be. For now, Aki Nabalu can have its own time and sleep. Please don't be angry anymore.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Running towards end of the finish line!

I started running in year 2010 when i was working with ProMark Strategies. The directors of the company really encourage their staffs to involve in sports. It is so obvious because both directors will hit the gym everyday. I do not remember they miss their routine unless they are not feeling well.

The company did not give lots of benefits but somehow it will sponsor the participation of the staff in any marathon or running. So, when I heard that the company is sponsoring for Standard Chartered marathon (10km) i was thinking 'hei, why not?'

After years i did not jog or run, it might sounds crazy to some of you. But yes, i would like to try. Years before, jogging is part of my life. I jogged once a week at least but since i started working i stop jogging.

So, yes, Standard Chartered marathon 2010 is the start of it. Btw, i was alone that time. I reached Dataran Merdeka at 6am as instructed even my race will start at 7.30am. Without any proper training, i ran from Dataran Merdeka to KL railway station to Brickfields to Botanical Garden to Sogo and back to Dataran Merdeka! It took me 1H 40mins to finished the race. I cannot believe i finished the race.

After I finished the race, my leg cramped. I went panicked awhile. After a while the pain gone. The next day, i went to office with pain in the a**. I felt like crying everytime i walk and stand. It hurt so much for almost a week.

My second race was Mizuno Wave Run few months after that at UPM. I hate the track. It started and ended at the hill. No more race at UPM.

Tho entering a run is tiring but it gives me satisfaction because i know how far it is, i have to finish it, how hurt my leg is i have to make it to the end. When i reached the finish line it shows that i have done my task. It is just a matter of how fast i reach the finish line.

I tried 15km run last week at TM Fan Run 2015 but i would say that it would be my first and last run for more than 10km. I think my limit is only 10km. I felt the race is never ending journey or maybe it was because my knee was hurt badly during the race.

Oh ya, my favorite track is at Putrajaya because the track is flat so it consider as easy. My least favorite is UPM. So far i have not participate in any run that start at Padang Merbok but i have registered for MERCY's which will start at Padang Merbok.

I am not a hardcore runner. I only participate in runs that charge RM50 maximum. The fee is getting expensive nowdays. I think the organizer 'untung atas angin' only. Come on you need to pay RM100 for a race? Get a life! I also participate in a race that has finisher medal. The medal is one of motivation to finish the race. Hahaha.

I will upload some pictures soon of the medals and certificates.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Andai hati ini boleh berbicara

Aku hanya mampu berdoa yg terbaik utk kamu.
Tidak ada apa yg aku mahukan selain Allah memggembirakan hatimu, memudahkan segala urusanmu,memberikan apa yg kamu mahukan.
Cukuplah setakat itu. Kalau hubungan kita melebihi apa yang ada sekarang, tiada apa yang perlu aku lakukan kecuali manadah tangan syukur kepadaNya. 
Kamu bukanlah manusia sempurna, samalah aku bukan wanita sempurna. 
Tapi aku percaya segala perancangan Allah itu amatlah sempurna,amatlah teliti yang terbaik utk kita. 

Tipulah kalau seditik pun tiada gambaraan kamu dan aku bersama kerana aku hanyalah wanita biasa yang mempunyai naluri mahu berkeluarga dan bercinta.

To you, Mr AF, I am sorry. I have to keep my feeling from you because I need to find the real love first; love to Allah swt.


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Little Angels

I love these 5 'little angles'. No words could describe or no distance could measure the feeling that I have for them.

Qalman, Una, Qayyum, Aca and Ada, Cik Lia would always pray your best.

Oh Allah, I ask you to protect these little angels from any harm. Please protect their hearts from falling into this dunya. Please make them the children that every parent wants. Please cheerish them with not only Your loves but also from people around.

I have no kids. They are the kids that I spare my loves to.