Sunday, September 6, 2015

Solo trip: not even a bit of the story

I am suppose to start writing about my trip to UK tonight. But until now I am still transferring pictures to my external hard disk. It will takes days by looking at the number of pictures that I took using my phone. This is all thanks to Capture app. I saved all pictures in the app and do not know how to transfer it to the pc (thanks to my not-so-intelligent-IT-apps-understanding too).

By the way, the write up about the trip also will take few days. I have to recall all the memories. But insha Allah, will make it happen (yeay!). Someone asking me to write it all so that he can copy my itinerary and I said he has to wait until next year (I hope not). I will force myself to make it done by this month. In fact, at least the story about my first ever solo trip will not be forgotten by myself right?

p/s: I have few overdue posts about what happened in year 2015. *sigh

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