Monday, May 26, 2014

Dislike the post


Last weekend memang our house full coz most of the siblings were here with the family. So rumah yg selalunya sunyi jadi 'havoc' dengan suara budak2 gelak. We were talking about names then my eldest niece ckp in her class ada 4 org nama AIsyah. Nurul Nur Aisyah, Nur Aisyah then ada sorang ni that her nama memang menarik perhatian because her name is Aisyah but people called her Bella budak hot. I was like 'apa, budak hot?'. The reason is because she got followers laki more than perempuan dalam twitter. So I  searched her in twitter (skodeng time..ehem..). Twitter tak private, followers berlambak almost 2000++. fuh! scroll tgk gambar, read the tweets. Basically budak ni tak tweet pun. byk tweets because of the followers statistic. Gambar byk selfie with muka ala2 comel.

Actually bukan nak cakap pasal ni but i want to write about social media. As we know Malaysian is top 5 to have social media account. so you can imagine hebat tak hebat rakyat malaysia dalam up to date pasal benda2 ni. Memang tak surprise la if budak sekolah rendah pun ada account FB, Twitter or IG. I don't mind psl tu tapi wat makes me menyampah is the pictures they posted. Selfie muka ala2 comel tu dah biasa sgt but gambar half naked. i fell sad for them,the parents. I am wondering, parents diorg tak tau ke. Pastu like 100 n mostly lelaki. Saddest part is yang liked and post gambar are Islam, melayu. And God knows if ada org yg just save our picture in their phone. Have we ever think about it? Trust me it happens. Gambar yang bertudung pun ada org nak save, gambar yang tak bertudung? Think about it please.

Sumpah, sometimes nak nangis tengok their picture especially yg kita kenal. I just pray for them, to realise that this world is more to explore, this world is fulls with cabaran, that their life is a long way to go. Another thing that makes me sad is org yg comment or likes are those yang ada blood related or best friend. Shouldn't a good friend/person tegur if they really love them? Kesian dengan parents mereka. Mereka masih muda. They have potential tapi I don't want them to be successful person tapi gaya macam ni. I have been through my teenage life and I regret few things I did. I don't want them to regret in their future like me. I pray that someone could lead them to straight path.

Takut dengan dunia sekarang. Teenagers selamber letak pictures mcm2. Dulu nak post pikir dua tiga kali even parents bukan dalam friend list. I know u didn't wear hijab but please jgn letak gambar yg nampak hampir segala-galanya. Tak manis!

At this point, I am bersyukur sebab my niece tak ada any media social account. At least she listens to her mother. I always tell her 'tak payah ada account FB ke IG ke'.

I am not married and I am afraid if I have a child, could I raise them properly? Penuh dengan kasih sayang, Islamic knowledge in this horror world? I hope I can when I have one :)