Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Only u, and u and u

Have u ever feel like going some where far far away to no one know you?
To the place where you are a stranger?
That no one bother about you?

I feel like it once awhile when i feel so down,so sad, so emotional.
There were times that I just need to get out from the usual crowd,
to meet someone else even for awhile like having a lunch together,
Or..a cup of coffee, or a cup of ice-cream and a book to accompany me.

It is not that hate them but if u r being with the same person everyday,
every time (virtually or f2f),
u need to 'run' a way.
Not so long, just a few hours....
It is not wrong to do that right?!

Just a space for yourself,
Do whatever you feel like to do,
Just a time for you n you n you...alone.