Saturday, May 15, 2010

I Am Sorry

I am sorry for not being a good friend...
I am sorry for not being there when u need me...
I am sorry for not being a good partner..

I am sorry for not being a good colleague..
I am sorry for not being a good employee...

I am sorry for not being a good sister...
I am sorry for not being a good daughter..

but the worst is..

I am sorry for not being a devoted and a good Muslim..

Am I being a hypocrite and liar all this while???

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Post an entry

Hard to say out the truth..kenapa? Takut kena marah or takut nak hadapi kenyataan. Gosh..Tak tau why I tend to hurt someone that I love. Coz I am being over sensitive and I want more attention? Crap!!

I always answer yes asked by others. Comfortable with current relationship?-Yes. Positive with choice- Yes. But deep down my heart I do not know either I am confident with my answer or not. Stupid kan. Can't look back now. Need and have to continue with it.

Tetapkanlah hati ini. Bersabarlah menerima keadaan yang ada. Cekalkan hati dan perasaan. Ikhlas melakukannya. Itu yang boleh dilakukan melainkan berdoa.

Be smart in all action my dear.

Cool eh?!

Smoking while riding a motorbike is it cool??not!!not even if u are riding it with someone else. your son, daughter,partner or anyone else. Such a risk taker kan?

Long Time No See

It has been almost 3 months (or it is more than that??) i have not update anything in my blog. I am in good health (alhamdulillah) but bz working on the group accounts which i have to present to the bosses (i hate this part) next Monday. It is a new thing and a challenge for me. A bit struggle but so far I can take the pressure.

Working in commercial is different from audit (duh!!). Sometimes rasa mcm so what??later the auditor will clean my mess..hahaha..tapi rasa tak baik jugak kan. I felt that before. Malu je kalo salah buat. Rasa macam tak layak jer kerja even dah ade degree.

By the way, my higher management mostly are foreigners. From the boss to executive level. From UK,, Russian, Mexico and even India. Bukan satu Malaysia dah but dah jadik One World. Working with foreigner can be hard sometimes. Sometimes i don't understand what my boss is talking about. But to make it easier angguk je la. Not because I don't understand English but he talks fast and the 'slang'...pekat lain mcm.. is about time for me to leave the office. I'm alone skarang. Nak balik. Bye...