Friday, September 16, 2011

Atiqah gonna get married

Salam! Hari ini Hari Malaysia sempena pengabungan Tanah Melayu, Sabah dan Sarawak yg membentuk sebuah negara dinamakan Malaysia. So, today is a public holiday and ramai orang mengambil kesempatan buat open house, nikah dan bertunang. This include our family.

My dearest little sister, Atiqah will getting married today. The solemnization is after Zuhur and now we are busy preparing for the event. Hopefully everything will be fine.

Atiqah is the closest sibling with me. We share secrets and stories. Though we rarely share since both of us busy with our working life but we still updated each other. I'm gonna miss her presence as she will be staying with her in-laws in Bangi. Lepas ini sunyilah rumah. Only umi, ayah, abg ajun n wife and of course ME! Anol and Insan will be leaving early next month :(

About her getting married, I don't really help her a lot until yesterday. Ahah!! So this is what I did:

1) Kemas her bilik a bit.
2) Buat door gift for the reception.
3) Pakaikan inai (this is the 3rd time pakaikan bakal pengantin inai pkl 11pm).
4) Wake up at 8am and basuh pinggan dinner mlm tadi (Masing2 penat tak larat nak mengemas)
5) Susun door gift for today.
6) Susun kerusi and carpet at ruang tamu.
7) Susun buah as part of the hantaran (it takes 30 mins).
8) Again pakaikan inai for her as the inai tak pekat.

I will continue later coz it is already noon and I need to get ready.