Friday, October 31, 2014

Dear U

Dear U,

How I wish I could to tell you how much I love u

How I wish I am not afraid and not ashamed to tell u my feelings

But I just could not

U are so lucky to have more than one woman loved u

And that news just break my heart again and again

But is there any chance for me now? I wonder..

Is there any chance for u to consider me again (if u considered me before)

Dear u..

Why I  was so stupid being too afraid to tell u that I want u with all my heart

To spend the rest of my life together with u and them

I always have that picture in mind and I still have it now

Should I erase it? I should, shouldn’t I? but I don’t want

Because deep down my heart I still hope that it would happen one day

Life must goes on no matter how hard it is to face reality

How heavy and hurt every steps that I take

But I always remember to put a smile on my face, to have my chin up

Because if it meant to be it would be.