Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thing That Make Me Think last!!..the moment that I have been waiting for..lapar lorh today...while walking back to the office I received a call...a call that I have been waiting..dpt ker tak hny panggilan itu yang mampu memberi jawapan..

"may I speak to Ms Alia pls"

"Yes speaking"

"R u available to talk right now?"

"Yes I am"


"OK, so bila Cik 'Alia boleh dtg ambil appoinment letter?"

That is all about it...I went to Bank Islam last week for an interview as Customer Service Officer..if u wonder what the position is all yg korang nampak wkt pergi bank yg jaga branch tu..n I got Ampang Branch (thought kena campak luar KL.hahahaha..di sini juga la rezeki ku)

Actually I am not very keen to work as C.S.O bcoz tak de kena mengena dengan account..even I hate my current job it doesn't mean I want to leave it behind entirely..Marini was shocked..others biasa jer but most of them said I shouldn't accept the offer, think about what I want..komen Ruzanna yang paling panjang (hahaha..u make me think)..and some said take the appoinment letter n see what they are offering me..

During the interview, the interviwers (2 of them) considered me as being strict and garang..huh!!kasar I can accept..strict?? They even told me I was not up to their standard..teruk jugak rasanya kena dengan diorang..and I thought with that kind of responds and it is already 1 week after the interview memang ingat tak dapat..but this is what people call rezeki..yg kita tak sangka itulah yang dtg..alhamdulillah..

But now I am still considering it..ayah said go for it..umi said it is up to, 70%..tak kot..byk kena fikir but the possibility for me to accept memang ade..I always made decision last minute..ckp tak nak tup2 buat pulak..hehehe..will update later either I accept it or not..

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

4 am..

4 am in the morning. TV terpasang..Disney channey plak tu. Laptop pun on juga. What I am doing actually? Early in the morning. Esok keje. Cik 'Alia tak tido ker? Macam ne nak tido. Byk sangat benda dlm kepala ni. Kerja..mcm na nak buat duit lebih (short of usual) (again?? get real)..belajar. work..tak siap lagi..alamak..kena buat alasan lagi!no! no! enough of excuses..get to work alia.where go all ur semangat kerja yg dulu2?? mau cari keje lain.hahaha.tapi tak de rezeki plak. lapar la pulak. no way I am going to eat anything. dalam proses mahu menurunkan berat badan.

Tadi ada org tny what do I think about his bf. Apalah as if no other ques. Answer truthfully pls...hurm...otak ni ligat berfikir bagaimana mahu menjawab soalan dengan jujur sambil menjaga hati org lain (I dont really know how to talk softly..too frank usually). To tell u the truth your bf ......... (jawapan terpaksa dirahsiakan). No further comment terus org tu logoff coz she said she's bored. Ok. Apa2 je la. Tadi minta jawapan jujur. I was being too honest kot. Sorry babe. This is life. Sometimes yg menyakitkan itu yang mengajar kita tentang kehidupan, tentang manusia yang byk hipokrit.

Peace :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

AF Final @ Bukit Jalil

tak caya...I went to Final Concert AF..hahaha...thanx to Mizan I got 2 free tickets. I drag Ruzanna along. At first I asked Mashi but her hse jauh then I asked Yana, kesian pulak dekat hsemate die yg stay alone at home.

Tak penuh pun stadium tu. But bleh thn la. I think the aura not as strong as season yg lps. Ramai student ade la. Our sit was at upper sitting. So actually ddk rmh lagi clear. It just that the sounds jer yg best.

For us yg bukan fanatic ngan AF ni (but frankly we followed it every week), tak excited sgt pun. B4 the show start, we been asked to sambung AC ckp Akademi Fantasia. Siap suruh angkat tgn lagi. But we didnt. Just duduk jer. Mmg agak bosan

Congrats to hafiz. Hafiz mmg deserve menang. Akim should b no2. Aril tu menang popularity jer. Isma n Yazid so so jer their performances. Lagu pun tak best. Lagu byk yg kita tak tau xcept lagu Adam dan Hawa. Mcm tak fair kn.

But to me AF masuk mcm saje jer buat coz if u guys realize 5th place tak de ape2 xcept for the patung tembaga bulat2 tu. If compare to AF yang dulu, sume dpt cash. sbb if tak dpt cash mcm tak de beza from yg tak masuk final. Maybe btol la kot they said AF Masuk tu for Aril coz Astro nk untung.

But watever it is, experience tgk AF Final tak de beza pun dgn ddk rmh tgk tv. Baik ddk rumah jer. Tapi dpt tiket free, amik jer la peluang kn. ;P

Friday, May 1, 2009

IQ test

I did one IQ Test that I found in the internet. it turned out to be....okay...a bit above average..I dont know that...hahaha... which 34.1% o from the total test taker got the the same score (between 115-130)..einstein's is 160++..the average score is between 85-115..try take the quiz n see which level u r..

Quick Free IQ Test - Quick Free IQ Test