Friday, October 28, 2016


Last night i dreamt about him. The person that I miss most, his presence, his smile, his voice, his spontaneous.

I was as a celebration. It was at night. The sky was dark but the lights around us lightened the darkness. Everyone was happily laughing, chatting and wearing nice and pretty clothes. I guess since it almost Deepavali and I walked at Jalan Masjid India yesterday, that is the reason why the bright color clothing and lights were all about.

I walked with someone. A friend. Around the place. It has an open place in the middle of building. the bulding is much alike in the famous hisdustan movie, Banrangi Bhaijaan where Rashika stays with her family. I walked around the path. Chatting and talking to whoever we met on our way.

Then I met my parents and some of my family. suddenly, there he was there. Appear besides me. He was wearing blue colored shirt. There was a smile on his face. Big smile. we were shocke but there was a big grin wearing on our face. I hugged him. tightly and non-stop saying his name, "Abg Ajun,, Abg Ajun". For not know how many times. He just smile. Then Umi asked, "Have you meet Marini?". His replied "Not yet." Umi asked him to meet her.

His physical was not like us. He was like a thin smoke. But I hugged him just now. I don't care and I don't want to know how. He took one of the lantern and lighted himself so that we could see him clearer.

That was it. Until that. When I woke up I could feel the tears at the corner of my eyes. I cried because I was happy to see him even it just for a few minutes. Syukur Allah pertemukan kami. walau hanya sekejap. Rindu itu terubat juga.

I wrote this because I don't want to forget about it. At least whenever I read back all my post I know I have it before.


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